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The Best Laid…

The plan was to keep All Night Returns 100% Spitzer free, however, after reading this article in the Post today I could hold my tongue no more. I have noticed that nearly every news story for the past few days has been missing an irrefutable fact and key part of the story-

Ashley Alexandra Dupre is a criminal.

She knowingly and willingly entered in a criminal enterprise. The argument will be made that she had no choice, that she was forced into this business. No one is forced into becoming a $1,000/hour escort just as no one forced into defending soulless corporations for a $1,000/hour. Not only do you have to choose to enter this line of business but you must have developed certain contacts to do so and one can only find these contacts if one consciously looks for them. The idea of Ms. Dupre as a victim, when one considers that she was not being any more used for her body than Spitzer was being used for his bank account, is ludicrous. The client demands a service and the enterprise provides it. Both sides are culpable. Desire is not a crime, a transaction must be involved. The act of wanting drugs does not makes me a criminal, it is my purchasing of drugs that does. Spitzer needed a supplier and Ms. Dupre fit that role.

The real tragedy does not lie solely in the victimization of Ms. Dupre, rather it lies in the public obsession with Ms. Dupre as a whole. What does it matter that she came from a broken home or put some mediorce hip hop on her social networking website? None of the answers to these questions tell us what drove her to become an escort (the media is slyly hinting that her admission of abuse is to be read as sexual abuse and obviously this is what drives every woman to prostitution/pornography). The media has failed to ask the bigger questions about our society as a whole. Why do we hold our elected officials to these standards (keep in mind that Spitzer has not been formally charged with anything yet and adultry is not a crime), but more importantly why do we not hold ourselves to these same standards? How can we demand that our elected officials not pay for sex but accept that we live in a society where sex can be sold? How are we able to idolize one so-called victim but so easily forget that there are millions of women who will return to the street tonight making much less money in a much more dangerous environment? If the current media frenzy is any indictation these questions will never be answered.